Trantec S5.5 10-Way Racked 'n' Ready System

Ref: S5.5L-G1U-RACK-10W


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Trantec S5.5 10-Way Racked 'n' Ready System
Trantec S5.5 10-Way Racked 'n' Ready System ThumbnailTrantec S5.5 10-Way Racked 'n' Ready System ThumbnailTrantec S5.5 10-Way Racked 'n' Ready System Thumbnail
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The Trantec S5.5L-G1U-RACK-10W is an assembled 10-way radio mic rack complete with aerial-distribution units, power supplies and flightcase. It comes with 10 x handheld or beltpack transmitters. Please select your choice using the drop-down box on the right.

Trantec's S5.5 system has been comprehensively upgraded, with a distinctive new look and now offers the professional multi-channel radio mic user a powerful set of features with an unrivalled performance/cost ratio.


Up to 24 simultaneous channels of true diversity operation
USB based computer monitoring
Simple programming of transmitters via Infra-red
Credit card size beltpack transmitters
Single AA transmitter battery life of over 10 hours
Professional metal enclosures on both transmitters and receivers
19 inch professional flight case with built-in antennae distribution and power supply as standard


All black fascia designs with distinctive colour backlit indicators
Stronger belt clip
Handheld transmitters with removable capsules (dynamic, condenser, or 3rd party)
RF Walk Test added to Software Ver1.6
Monitoring software now compatible with Windows versions 7,8,10


All systems come with choice of hand or beltpack transmitters

Headsets can be supplied as an extra

Remote Antenna Kits & storage drawers available

Orders placed for this system will be supplied on Trantec Range G1 ( 606-638MHz ).

This frequency range is optimised for licenced use in the UK on shared 606-614MHz ( Channel 38 ) spectrum. This is covered by a standard shared UK radio mic licence.

The optional remote antenna kit includes everything you need to put the aerials on stands to get them above head height for better line-of-sight to the transmitters.

The kit includes: 2 x 10m antenna cables; 2 x antenna head amplifiers; 2 x antenna stands.
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