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Sennheiser EW-D Evolution Wireless Digital

  • What is EW-D?

    Launched in June 2021, EW-D is an exciting new product from Sennheiser. EW-D takes the concepts that have made Evolution G2, G3 and G4 so successful over the past 20 years, but adds the benefits of digital transmission, as perfected by Sennheiser in their flagship Digital 9000 and 6000 Series.

    By using UHF bandwidth ( the same bandwidth utilised by analogue radio mics ) EW-D avoids problems that can occur with 2.4GHz systems, so EW-D doesn't need to compete for airspace with Wi-fi devices or consumer electronic products.

    Latency is ultra-low at 1.9ms, which means that EW-D is equally well suited to both speech and musical applications, even if musicians are monitoring with IEMs.

    EW-D digital transmitters have an incredible input dynamic range of 134dB, completely avoiding the need to make sensitivity adjustments on the transmitters and therefore avoiding the risk of accidental overload.

    As with the digital 6000 and 9000 Series, EW-D doesn't suffer from intermodulation in the way that normal analogue radio mics do, so rather than a complicated frequency plan with ever increasing spacing between large numbers of transmitters, an 'Equidistant Frequency Grid' can be used ( 600KHz spacing ). Compared to analogue systems, this allows more radio mics to be operated in the same amount of RF bandwidth.

    Audio quality is exceptional, with avoidance of hiss and the effects of companders and intermodulation which can sometimes affect analogue systems.

    EW-D can be used with a wide range of accessories, including external paddle aerials, antenna splitters, rack mount kits, antenna boosters. RF connections can be made with standard RG58 BNC cable. The systems can be rack-mounted and deployed in the same was as analogue G3 and G4 systems. Many mic heads and accessories are cross-compatible with G3, G4 plus Digital 6000 and 9000 Series.

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