Allen & Heath DX168 Digital Expander

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Allen & Heath DX168 Digital Expander
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  • Overview

Allen & Heath's DX168 expander is designed to provide additional inputs and outputs for a dLive S Class, dLive C Class, SQ-5 or SQ-6 digital mixer.

The DX168 features 16 x high quality mic preamps and is compatible with the 96KHz audio sample rates used by dLive and SQ mixers. A red LED is fitted next to each XLR input to show phantom power status.

8 x XLR outputs are also provided and these
are particularly useful for sending a feed to on-stage wedge monitors.

The DX168 is fitted with chunky rubber corner protectors and a carry handle. It weighs just 4.8KG so it is easy to carry to the stage and it is small enough that it can be placed close to the performers, for optimum convenience. Alternatively, an optional 19 inch rack-mount kit can be used for permanent installations.

2 x data-ports are fitted, which enable a redundant cable to be used with a dLive S Class mixer. More often, the second port will be used to cascade 2 x DX168 units together. Cascading 2 x DX168 from an SQ5 or SQ6 mixer will fully expand these, allowing 48 x mic inputs in total.

When used with a dLive system, upto 6 x DX168 can be connected, 4 via the MixRack and 2 via the surface.

Connections are with CAT5e cable ( or better i.e. CAT6A or CAT7 ). Armoured cable is recommended for portable use and cable using solid conductors will work best for longer cable runs. Max recommended length is 100M. Use of Ethercon connectors allows for a secure locking connection.
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